Roxanne Kirby is an Interior Designer at Design 2 Sell. Coming from Charleston, South Carolina in September 2020, she has fit in with the Detroit Lakes community perfectly. She has been in the interior design industry for 7 years and has been interested in sketching and painting since she was a little girl. In Charleston, she was a designer at a local tile design showroom. She was promoted just four months after starting and worked there for a total of 6 years. She even took on personal design jobs on the side while working full-time. 

Although, after a trip to Detroit Lakes to visit her fiancé’s family, they decided it's where they belonged. It was hard to leave her career back home but with a lot of support, she decided it was time to branch out. When Roxanne stepped foot in Detroit Lakes, she wanted to apply her knowledge and experience to the design industry.  When she saw Design 2 Sell in a local magazine, she knew she had to check it out. The second she stepped through the door at Design 2 Sell, she felt like it was meant to be. She’s looking forward to getting to enjoy the lakes area and seeing what the “lake life” is all about. 

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