1. Textured pillows & blankets

We love to use pillows & blankets to allow for family and guests to feel cozy & comfortable. In addition, when these items are textured it adds visual comfort. 

2. Add rugs to your space

Soft rugs bring comfort although Textured patterns can bring visual comfort as well. It's important to make sure rugs are the right size for the space.

3. Lamps, lamps, lamps

Turning off bright overhead lights & utilizing warm or soft white lights will help bring a cozy ambiance to the room.

4. Add greenery

Bring the outdoors inside for added comfort. Bringing this element into the home allows for a natural, homey vibe.

5. Utilize the 5 senses

Candles, essential oils, fresh cookies, fireplaces, etc allow guests to feel cozy. When someone enters a space, it's important to have a good smell. Think about the 5 senses when getting ready to host guests.


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